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Love At First Sight

We’ve all felt that zingy feeling throughout our lives.  Whether we melt over a warm chubby puppy, a sexy cocktail dress, a stunning cupcake or a gorgeous guy/girl, whatever steals your heart – and the choices you make to go for it – speaks volumes about where your priorities are at that time. My latest love at first sight is my […]

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Too Many Choices?

It’s great to have choices, nobody can deny that.  But sometimes having too many choices can be just as paralyzing as having none.  In a world that offers us a bazillion choices, I often see people frozen by overwhelm – and this can apply to picking a job, picking a new dress or picking a date. The […]

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Stepping up your game is a common theme in my messages to all.  This translates into many areas of life, but it starts with how we handle ourselves. Once you start raising your expectations for yourself in just one area it’s kindof hard to stop your newfound perception from affecting other areas too. Not such a bad […]

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