Coaching for Men


If you’re finally ready to work towards being your most authentic self, you’ve come to the right place . . .

When we are at our most authentic and loving to ourselves and others, we attract people and situations that match us the best.  So if you want to create a life filled with mutually supportive relationships, likeminded friends and colleagues, and fulfilling work, accepting and loving your most authentic self is vital.

Lucy Yeh, CLC is a Certified Life Coach in West Los Angeles.  Her ability to identify the root of clients’ blocks and bring the focus onto their natural talents and gifts has provided powerful insight to many. She specializes in deeply connected, intensive coaching sessions with those who want to create bursts of quick growth in their lives.

If you’re ready to see yourself in a brighter light, turn challenging situations into wildly positive opportunities – for all parties involved – and experience greater success, contact Lucy today. 

You CAN make the changes necessary to create the experience of your life!